We develop and trade statistically driven strategies

Numic is a quantitative investment management company trading in global financial markets. We translate investment ideas into 100% automated trading strategies. Our programs produce exceptional returns for our investors by strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.

Inspiration for algorithms can come from a variety of sources. Hundreds of them compete for an allocation to generate consistent risk-adjusted performance.

We strive to improve our methodology continuously

We promote a culture of neverending progress. For us, every day is a new opportunity to improve our understanding of markets and trading.

• Discover and implement innovative and orthogonal strategies
• Methods of combining algorithms in flexible and intelligent ways
• Assess new data sources, market venues, execution methods, and technology that possesses potential to increase our performance

Cardano Stake Pool ‘Avocado’

Earn interest on ADA by staking with our Avocado Pool 🥑 ‘AVOC’

1. Get ADA and a Wallet App

If you don’t have a wallet already, install the Yoroi or Daedalus Wallet on your device, create a new wallet and send ADA from an exchange like Binance to your new wallet address.

Get Yoroi Desktop Wallet

2. Deletegate to Avocado Pool

Click on “Delegation” to browse stake pools. You can find the Peach Pool by putting “AVOC” in the search field and then clicking on “Delegate”.

Peach Pool on adapools.org

3. Earn Rewards!

You’ll receive rewards as from the end of the next ‘epoch’, which is typically after 10 days. Expect the lowest fees of all pools!
Pool is operated by Numic Financial www.numic.eu

Latest Tweets

Closed short trade on #EURJPY with loss of -1.5 pips. #quant

The first step is you have to say that you can. Will Smith 😄 #QuoteOfTheDay

Closed long trade on #AUDJPY with profit of 27.6 pips. #hft 🇦🇺

Just closed long position on EURUSD with profit of 8 pips. #algorithmic 💵

When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there. George Harrison 💬 #QuoteOfTheDay

New #GBPJPY LONG signal: 7 of our systems just bought 9 positions. #socialSignals 🇬🇧

Oil (Brent) is marking 87.217, surpassing the historic 5 year high of 86.766 by 0.866%

Closed long trade on #EURJPY with profit of 3.4 pips. #forex

Weekly result: 4 of our algorithms executed 756 trades with a total profit of 286.2 R (risk units). 📈 #tradebook

Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent. Steve Martin 💬 #QuoteOfTheDay

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